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About me:

My name is Saf Flatters. I am based in the Perth Hills, Western Austalia at Camp Mundy (my little hideaway cabin in the bush). I work part-time as an Electrician for a mine site in the Pilbara (1200km/746mi away) and part-time for my own electrical business. I also run a small homestay called Camp Mundy.  This lifestyle has allowed me to spend as much time I can hiking, bike touring (bikepacking), mountain biking and 4WD camping in the bush with my border collie Tesla (who loves every moment of it). bike-selfie1.jpg

This blog:  

I love the outdoors and  consider myself a nature enthusiast. The only thing I love more than scampering around in the bush, trailing through hot sand or sitting peacefully on the dirt waiting for my tea to boil – is the challenge of living with as little as possible. Packing carefully and concisely ready for the next hike, ride, ski, paddle or drive.

This blog is about my journey of ‘enthusiastically wanting to see stuff that’s hard to get to’, how I live outdoors and the gear I use.

This will be with a reflection of the good, the bad and the reason my heart beats – the adventures and achievements that have led me to the next challenge and beyond!



In 2017, the allure of “bikepacking” has enticed me. It’s like hiking but with the challenge of being even lighter and compact, the ability to go further and with a certain type of fitness. It also allows me to dream that I may cycle all over the world, to areas not generally accessible by tourists, cars and possibly too far for hikers. Since 2017 I have bikepacked in places many of my friends haven’t even heard of!

I started my true bikepacking career – my 2018 goal was ‘To complete the entire Munda Biddi.’

munda biddi map

The Munda Biddi is a 1000km (640mi) off-road bike ride through the Western Australian South West that takes approximately 3 weeks (Mundaring to Albany). The trail is a mixture of loose gravel, wash outs on steep ascents and descents, old rail lines, fire trails and single track through forests, dams and (further south) along the coast. I ended up doing this “unsupported” and “bikepacking” style and without hating it the entire way (a little hating is fine –  see:  Type 2 Fun). If you want to read about my adventure – start here: Day 1 – 3 Munda Biddi Trail



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