***Film featuring the Maria Island adventure in between MTBing Derby and Mt Wellington:




How many days: 3 days

Length: Unknown, lots of exploring for 2 days

Accommodation: 1 night in the Darlington Probation Station, an old historic colonial building where we celebrated my friends wedding and then another night camping on the beach

How to get there: Booked a ferry online and drove to Triabunna to catch it.

Feeling: Peaceful and wild


On an island off an island off an island – Maria Island is off the coast of Tasmania off the coast of Australia! (It’s pronounced Ma-rye-a)

After an incredible and thrilling 4 days of mountain biking in Derby, Tasmania an old mining town turned MTB park we mosey-ed down the East coast of Tasmania in a camper van.

We ferried across to Maria Island to join my friends Glen and Caroline for their wedding. According to the Tassie locals, it’s not a common wedding spot but once we got there we couldn’t understand why! The feeling on the island was all peace and the views stunning. Everywhere we looked we could see colonial history being slowly swallowed by the island returning to its natural state. We were surprised how dry the island was but found out it had been in drought for many years.

After the wedding, we stayed on the island for another night for a little (little big) Bikepacking adventure. We rode from one side of the island to the other – to Haunted Bay (long uphill with a steep fun drop at the end) and zigzagged back.

The island is split into two with a very skinny and sandy land bridge in between. You could see the ocean on both sides for the skinniest bit. It was a long day but each area felt so different to the last. We rode our dual suspension mtbs with bikepacking bags over mountains, over beaches, through forest, passed abandoned colonial settlements, on grassy plains and Rocky steeps. The bikes performed surprisingly well loaded up.

We camped on the beach between the two sections for a night and then rode the beach back to the northern section of the island (and the more populated area).

The entire trips we were watched by unfazed locals  – wombats, devils, prehistoric looking geese, padimelons, kangaroos and who knows what else!